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Pat Robertson

Robertson is a commentator for Christian Broadcasting Network and the co-founder of American Center for Law and Justice. He is a media executive and Baptist minister known for being a key face of Christian conservative politics. Robertson compared Islam to Nazism on at least two separate occasions, in 2011 and 2013. In 2013, he said […]

Mirowski Family Foundation

Type: Private Family Foundation The Mirowski Family Foundation is a private tax-exempt family foundation established in 1997. The Foundation has no public presence and does not provide any mission statement on its financial documents. Over the years it has funded an array of causes, including health and various Jewish and pro-Israel groups. Recipients include Oxfam, […]

Heavenly Father’s Foundation

Type: Private Family Foundation The Heavenly Father’s Foundation was founded in 2011 by Dan Wilks and his wife, Staci. Wilks is a Texan billionaire who made his fortune with his brother Farris from the fracking boom in the early 2000s. Both brothers, with their wives, operate independent foundations that avidly and primarily fund right-wing politicians […]

Sarah Scaife Foundation

The Sarah Scaife Foundation’s “grant program is primarily directed toward public policy programs that address major domestic and international issues.” In early 2017, the Foundation had a reported “$708 million in assets.” The David Horowitz Freedom Center, whose president believes Islam “is a sick death cult,” was granted $1.2 million over a six-year period. Cliff […]

Phyllis Schlafly


Phyliss Schlafly is the founder and president of The Eagle Forum, and worries about Muslim immigrants “bringing in a bunch of wives who will now go on our welfare”. She has a history of making bigoted comments. On Schlafly’s October 15th, 2014 Eagle Forum Live radio program, Islamophobe David Horowitz said of Ferguson, Mo. protesters […]

Shalom Lewis


Rabbi Shalom Lewis is a cleric at the Congregation Etz Chaim synagogue in Marietta, Georgia. Etz Chaim’s website states Lewis “generates a caring warmth”, but his hateful speech about Islam is alarming and barbaric. In October 2014, Lewis sermonized that Muslims “are here” and a “holy crusade” to “exterminate [Islam] utterly and absolutely” is required. […]

Dave Agema

Introduction Dave Agema is a former Michigan state representative who served as majority caucus chair as a Republican party member. Agema was elected as the national committeeman from Michigan to the Republican National Committee (RNC) in May 2012. In early 2015, the RNC’s executive committee censured Agema and asked Michigan Republicans “to investigate a means […]

Robert Shore

Robert “Raphael” Shore is a member of the Clarion Project’s board of directors. He has been an executive producer on a number of Islamophobic documentaries, including Obsession: Radical Islam’s Attack on the West. Shore’s more recent film Honor Diaries is co-produced by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose anti-Constitution and anti-Islam rhetoric is documented on this site.

Mano Bakh

Mano Bakh is part of Concerned American Citizens. On November 15, 2010, the Press-Enterprise published a portrait of Bakh noting that he was forced to flee Iran shortly after that country’s 1979 revolution. Bakh asserts he was subject to human rights abuses prior to his flight. According to the article’s author, Bakh believes “an expansionist […]

Babu Suseelani

Babu Suseelani is a member of the Stop Islamization of Nations (SION). His words: In 2012 Suseelan told an audience “If we do not kill the bacteria, the bacteria will kill us. Muslims will breed like rats and they will be a majority.” He then added, “Islam can be stopped! And it can be wiped […]

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