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2017: The Hate that ACT for America Wrought


ACT for America has a prejudice problem. Founder Brigitte Gabriel believes that, “America is at stage two Islamic Cancer.” She also argues that “every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim,” a Muslim “cannot be a loyal citizen of the United States,” and that Arabs “have no soul.” On June 10, 2017, at a series of […]

2017: Facts on FBI Director Candidates

Following President Trump’s dismissal of former FBI Director James Comey, over a dozen candidates under consideration for the vacant position have been mentioned by current and former government and intelligence officials. Many of these candidates are highly regarded civil servants who have dedicated their careers to protecting the nation and promoting equality. However, some of […]

Anti-Muslim Bias Incidents 2017 Quarter One Update

Gov Agency Incidents

Just prior to President Trump’s first official travel to a Muslim-majority country, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released an update of anti-Muslim bias incidents reported to the organization in the first quarter of 2017. In more than 50 percent of incidents, federal government agencies were identified as the instigator. The civil rights data quarter […]

2017: Borderline Constitutional Disorder

CBP Cases by Year

“…look to the Muslim woman as an indicating factor. By the way she wears her hijab. If the hijab is a solid color it indicates religiosity. If it’s a patterned scarf, with colors, it’s more likely that she is less religious.” – Testimony of a Customs and Border Protection official in a 2013 lawsuit as […]

2017: The Evolving Muslim Ban

Five months after President Donald Trump announced his bid for presidency in 2015, he provided the first clue to his planned offensive against an entire religious community. In a November interview with Fox News from his gilded tower in New York City, Trump announced he would have “absolutely no choice” except to shut down mosques […]

2017: The Islamophobia Network’s Surrogates

Daniel Pipes Tweet in Praise of Zuhdi Jasser

The U.S. Islamophobia Network’s ninja-like efforts to promote its astroturf Muslim pawns. On December 29, 2016, the Clarion Project, part of a network of U.S. organizations committed to poisoning America’s understanding of Islam and excluding Muslims from public life, issued a petition asking its supporters to urge President-elect Trump to meet with the Muslim Reform […]

2016: Islamophobia and the Trump Team

A number of individuals serving in the Trump Administration have a history of problematic and misleading statements about Islam and Muslims. Many of them are also connected with virulent Islamophobic groups, indicating the influence these organizations exert in the new administration. Presented here is a record of these individuals, their background, and examples of their […]

Islamophobia in Politics: A 2016 Review

Sign Reading No Islamophobia No Fear Politics

When politicians exacerbate and perpetuate toxic anti-Muslim and anti-Islam prejudice, it can lead to spikes in incidents of Islamophobia. This brief on the presence of Islamophobia in politics aims to provide a snapshot of 2016, and is not meant to be a complete record of Islamophobic statements. (This does not cover the statements of 2016 […]

2015: Not in Isolation: Anti-Islam Incidents in Texas

Ahmed Mohamed, a ninth grader in Irving, Texas, brought a homemade clock to school. While such a productive use of time normally gets a student praised, Ahmed was placed in handcuffs after police were summoned. This is not the first incident where Texans who follow Islam felt were singled out. Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne […]

Toxic Hate: American Muslim Experiences of Violent Backlash Since August 2014


After Daesh (ISIS) murdered two Americans in late August 2014, Americans of all backgrounds, Muslims included, responded with rejection and revulsion. Despite abundant evidence that Daesh was also slaughtering Muslims, the vast majoirty of whom reject Daesh’s ideology, some in our country blamed all followers of Islam for the group’s actions.   When the Kouachi brothers […]

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