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Bigotry and Brutality in Foreign Police Training

Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE) is a privately controlled and funded police training program housed at Georgia State University that has been under scrutiny by civil and human rights activists for over a decade. At the heart of the advocates’ concerns is the fact that GILEE conducts police trainings with authoritarian governments notorious for human rights abuses, militarization of their police, and disregard for international norms. This report, “Bigotry and Brutality in Foreign Police Training” provides a comprehensive overview of the programs activities, aims, and connections to problematic foreign governments such as Egypt, China, and Israel. You can access the full report here:

Moorthy Muthuswamy

Moorthy Muthuswamy is an Indian-American anti-Muslim extremist who has promoted Islamophobic rhetoric and policies of the BJP and the RSS, two far-right political organizations in India.  In

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Anti-Muslim and Anti-Palestinian Activity is an Islamophobic, anti-Palestinian website founded by right-wing extremist Liora Rez. Although the website claims to focus on antisemitism, Rez primarily uses

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