Florida Family Association

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Florida Family Association (FFA) is a fringe right-wing group. FFA was founded by David Caton in 1987. They received national attention in 2011 when home improvement chain Lowe’s pulled ads from TLC’s “All American Muslim” program after pressure from FFA. According to the group’s website, FFA exists to “defend, protect and promote traditional, biblical values.”

FFA has opposed the basic right of petitioning a court for redress of grievances when such an action interferes in FFA’s vision of America. According to FFA, “Many states including Florida are likely to offer amendments similar to Oklahoma to provide a legal block to Sharia Law and ensure justice is equally served. However, court challenges [to such amendments] stand in the way of common sense and public safety.”

FFA promotes the conspiracy theory that Tampa, Fla. may become “one of America’s first Sharia-compliant cities.” The organization’s project “is designed to warn current and future citizens of Tampa about the growing acceptance of Islamic policy and Sharia law by local officials.”

The FFA frequently cites and allies with Islamophobes Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller.

Writing in the New York Times on December 17, 2011, reporter Samuel G. Freedman observed, “If there is any upside to the campaign against ‘All-American Muslim,’ it is that national scrutiny has cut Mr. Caton down to size. Several major companies that he claimed had stopped advertising — Home Depot and Campbell’s Soup — issued statements saying they had done no such thing.”

Similarly, on December 14, 2011, the editorial board of the New Jersey Star-Ledger wrote the following, “[The Florida Family Association] call themselves Christians, but the evangelical group that demanded Lowe’s home improvement chain yank its television ads from a reality show about Muslim families sounds more like a club for bigots.”

According to the Tampa Bay Times on January 15, 2012, commentator Daniel Ruth said, “The Florida Family Association is a cabal of one squirrelly little biblical bully, armed only with an email list of like/narrow-minded self-righteous fellow travelers who wouldn’t know the meaning of faith, hope and charity if they tripped over it.”

In 2014, FFA and the Bare Naked Islam website provided a link to contact and boycott Home Depot after the company participated in cultural awareness training. Home Depot was encouraged in the training to adopt procedures aimed at better serving Muslim employees and customers, such as allowing Muslims two calendar days off of work to celebrate Eid.

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