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2018 Civil Rights Report: Executive Summary

We have witnessed an increase in the onslaught of institutional and individual prejudice against American Muslims in 2017. This report presents the data on, impact of, and legal pushback against anti-Muslim bias in the United States.

Within weeks of his January inauguration, President Trump ordered the first version of the unconstitutional Muslim Ban. The “#NoMuslimBan: Not Now, Not Ever” section of this report examines its origins, content, and trajectory.

Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric, both prior to and during the course of his presidency, emboldened those who sought to express their anti-Muslim bias and provided a veneer of legitimacy to bigotry in the public sphere. “Invoking Trump, Provoking Fear” looks into how the word “Trump” itself has become a potent symbol of wide-ranging racial and religious animus.

While bigotry receives arguably free rein, the government has sought to restrict the right of Americans to free speech on issues of political, social, and economic importance. “Violating the First Amendment” documents the states that have either adopted, or attempted to adopt, legislation, resolutions or executive orders that impose restrictions on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

The fourth section of the report, “The Unconstitutional Terrorist Watchlist,” delves into the decade-long expansion of the unconstitutional federal watchlist system and relates the stories of several impacted American Muslims whose lives have been profoundly disrupted.

Finally, “Key Legal Filings” provides a snapshot of CAIR’s legal pushback against faith-based discrimination in all its forms. It highlights several significant lawsuits advanced on behalf of American Muslims on the unconstitutional Muslim Ban, the unconstitutional federal watchlist, and cases of religious discrimination in employment.

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