Islamophobia Monitor


CAIR categorizes groups in the U.S. Islamophobia network using one of two key tags:

Inner Core: Groups whose primary purpose is to promote prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims and whose work regularly demonstrates Islamophobic themes.

Outer Core: Groups whose primary purpose does not appear to include promoting prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims but whose work regularly demonstrates or supports Islamophobic themes.

Abstraction Fund (Inner Core)

A national tax-exempt private foundation which provides financial support to groups promoting anti-Islam bias.

ACT for America (Inner Core)

A grassroots organization founded in 2007 which advances anti-Muslim and anti-Islam policy and legislation at the local and federal level.

Allegheny Foundation (Outer Core)

One of a group of three grantors known collectively as the Scaife Foundations which funds groups dedicated to fostering Islamophobia.

American Center for Law and Justice (Outer Core)

A conservative legal foundation that espouses concerning viewpoints against Muslims and other minority groups.

American Family Association (Outer Core)

A conservative advocacy group that aligns itself with nativist and Islamophobic ideologies.

American Freedom Defense Initiative (Inner Core)

A national grassroots lobbying organization based in New York founded by by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

American Freedom Law Center (Inner Core)

A public interest law firm founded in 2012 to “defend our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage in courts."

American Islamic Forum for Democracy (Inner Core)

A policy think tank embedded with groups dedicated to spreading false information and distrust of Islam and Muslims.

American Islamic Leadership Coalition (Outer Core)

A vehicle group for the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

American Public Policy Alliance (Inner Core)

An advocacy organization whose work has focused primarily on pushing for legislation which demonizes Islam.

Americans for Peace and Tolerance (Inner Core)

A hate group dedicated to undermining mainstream Muslim institutions and promoting Islamophobia within the media.

Bare Naked Islam (Inner Core)

The website  regularly features discussions promoting violence against Muslims.

Citizens for National Security (Inner Core)

A nonprofit that spreads misinformation about Islam and Muslims.

Center for Security Policy (Inner Core)

An anti-Muslim think tank founded by conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney in 1988.

Center for the Study of Political Islam (Inner Core)

A think tank which propgates anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Clarion Project (Inner Core)

A nonprofit group which distributes anti-Muslim propaganda films. Formerly the Clarion Fund.

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (Inner Core)

A media-monitoring organization which promotes biased and inaccruate information.

Concerned American Citizens (Inner Core)

A California-based group that seeks to “promote the separation of Islamic Law ‘Shariah’ from spiritual Islam.”

Concerned Women for America (Outer Core)

A group involved in anti-Islam legislative efforts in several states, including Florida and North Carolina.

Counter Terrorism Operations Center (Inner Core)

An organization which provides anti-Islam programs sold as counterterrorism training to local, state, and federal law enforcement.

David Horowitz Freedom Center (Inner Core)

A national nonprofit which spread misinformation about Islam and engages in anti-Muslim advocacy.

Donors Capital Fund (Outer Core)

A monetary orgnization which allows donors to contribute anonymously.

Eagle Forum (Outer Core)

A neoconservative advocacy organization that focuses on education policy.

F.M. Kirby Foundation (Outer Core)

A foundation that has made routine payments to core Islamophobic organizations.

Family Security Matters (Outer Core)

A conservative news source sponsored by the Center for Security Policy.

Florida Family Association (Inner Core)

A nonprofit organization which has pressured companies and courts to adhere to anti-Muslim practices.

Forum for Middle East Understanding (Inner Core)

A website engaged in spreading misinformation about Muslims and Islam.

Fox News Channel (Outer Core)

A conservative news network that provides a forum for prejudice targeting the Muslim community.

Investigative Project on Terrorism (Inner Core)

An organization which claims to investigate radical terrorist groups but spread bias about Islam and Muslims.

Jihad Watch (Inner Core)

A website which depicts Islam as an inherently violent faith.

Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation (Outer Core)

A foundation which has provided funds to groups which promote anti-Muslim and anti-Islam bias.

Middle East Forum (Inner Core)

An anti-Muslim think thank.

Middle East Media Research Institute (Inner Core)

An institute which spreads misinformation by distributing distorted and inaccurate translations of Arabic and Persian media.

National Christian Foundation (Outer Core)

A tax-exempt private foundation which has awarded funds to anti-Muslim groups.

National Review (Outer Core)

A neoconservative publication which publishes anti-Islam and anti-Muslim misinformation.

Oak Initiative (Outer Core)

A grassroots advocacy organization engaged in spreading anti-Muslim prejudice. (Inner Core)

The blog of Pamela Geller, who has been described as a “caustic mouthpiece” for the Islamophobia movement.

Randolph Foundation (Outer Core)

A foundation which has granted money to a number core Islamophobia organizations.

Russell Berrie Foundation (Outer Core)

A nonprofit organization among the seven largest donors to core Islamophobia groups.

Sarah Scaife Foundation (Outer Core)

A donor with a history for funding groups that advance Islamophobia.

Shoebat Foundation (Inner Core)

The Shoebat Foundation is an organization linked to fake former terrorist Walid Shoebat.

Stop Islamization of Nations (Inner Core)

A group working internationally to promote Islamophobia, using speakers from diverse racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds to create an illusion of tolerance.

Straight Way of Grace Ministry (Inner Core)

A group that spread anti-Muslim and anti-Islam falssehoods.

Understanding the Threat (Inner Core)

A consultation and training group which spreads misinformation and conspiracy theories pertaining to Islam and Muslims.

United West (Inner Core)

An organization which aims to unite Western countries against Islam.

Virginia Anti-Shariah Taskforce (Inner Core)

A local organization engaged in activism against Muslims and Islam.

Washington Times (Outer Core)

A conservative newspaper circulated in the D.C. Metro area that continually propagates anti-Muslim sentiments.