Islamophobia Monitor


2017 Civil Rights Report. The Empowerment of Hate assembles a wealth of data to offer a larger and more comprehensive reflection of the civil rights implications of Islamophobic bias in the United States.

ConfrontingFearcover2013-2015 Islamophobia Report. Confronting Fear, a major 2016 report prepared in conjunction with staff at the Center for Race and Gender at UC Berkeley, reveals that 33 Islamophobic groups in the United States had access to at least $205 million in total revenue between 2008-2013. Among the various impacts of Islamophobia in the U.S. reported in the study are anti-Islam bills becoming law in 10 states. At least two states, Florida and Tennessee, passed laws revising the way they approve textbooks for classroom use as a direct result of anti-Islam campaigns. In 2015, there were 78 recorded incidents in which mosques were targeted. In both November and December of 2015, there were 17 mosque incidents reported during each of these months, numbers almost equivalent to an entire year's worth of reports from the previous two years. The report also noted that two recent phenomenon - “Muslim-free” businesses and armed anti-Islam demonstrations - raise deep concerns. Finally, it presents a four-point strategy designed to achieve a shared American understanding of Islam in which being Muslim carries a positive connotation, and in which Islam has an equal place among the many faiths that together constitute America’s pluralistic society.

 Legislating Fear
2011-2012 Islamophobia Report. Legislating Fear details seven key findings about Islamophobia in America. Among them: The inner core of the U.S.-based Islamophobia network enjoyed access to at least $119,662,719 in total revenue between 2008 and 2011. Groups in the inner core are often tightly linked. Key players in the network benefitted from large salaries as they encouraged the American public to fear Islam.



Same Hate New Target2009-2010 Islamophobia Report. Same Hate, New Target: Islamophobia and its Impact in the United States 2009-2010. CAIR and the UC Berkeley Center on Race and Gender offer a definition of Islamophobia, an overview of its growing negative impact in the United States, and the names of individuals and institutions known for promoting or opposing the phenomenon.

2009-2010 Islamophobia Report Errata: Corrects some typographical errors in the 2009-2010 Islamophobia report.

2009-2010 Islamophobia Report PowerPoint: A slide presentation summarizing the 2009-2010 Islamophobia report.