Counter-Islamophobia Project

U.S. Islamophobia Network

Islamophobic Individuals

An organization or individual is considered a part of the Islamophobia Network if it does any of the following or if it funds, partners with, or presents individuals or groups that:

  1. Allege that Islam and Muslims are inherently or uniquely violent, misogynistic, inferior, intolerant, primitive, static, authoritarian, homophobic, manipulative, selfrighteous, devious, or that Islam is the antithesis of civilization.
  2. Allege that Islam is an existential threat to the U.S. and/or the “West” and that Muslims, or their representative institutions, are part of a plot to overthrow the “West” or America.
  3. Support unequal treatment under the law for Islam or Muslims.
  4. Allege that violent groups which falsely and perversely claim a religious cover possess the correct understanding of Islam.

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